Philosophy of Civico 48

We stand firm by our promise to offer each day delicious dishes prepared with precious quality ingredients. We have genuine and authentic dishes for you to try, born through our passion for cooking, prepared with love and our kind hospitality.

Civico 48 is also your home, with a nice cozy feeling, perfect to spend an evening with friends forever, having a laugh, eating something delicious along with a glass of honest wine or a good quality beer.

Pinsa Romana

High quality flours are used for the Pinsa dough undergoing a 72 hours rising process; as a consequence the Pinsa guarantees lightness and high digestibility. 

Meat production chain

Our suppliers Civico 48 has been selecting its suppliers in consideration of their reliability and degree of professional integrity; where food quality and food safety have always been considered as the main commitment, thereby assuring best taste, tenderness and texture.

Cut to be the best The meat selected by Civico 48 to meet our client’s flavor  (Angus Celtic Irish Beef, Chianina, Scottona, Cherolaise and Limousine, Frisona, Pezzata Rossa Shashi, Rubia Galiziana, Iberic pig 100% best cuts of spanish beef, Black Angus Uruguay e Australia) is distinguished by skilled anatomical cuts and freshness thereby giving the meat an exceptionally high quality.

Acknowledgement and certifications The company systems are qualified and act in conformity with the most rigorous international sector norms and are acknowledged by the following certifications UNO ES ISO 9001 relative to the entire quality system management and by UNI EN ISO 14001 and ISO 4801 regarding the environmental management and safety. They fulfill specific standards laid down in the agri-food sector BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Standard-high level), JAS (Japan Agricultural Standards) and UNO EN ISO 22000.